Design is more than just a few tricks to the eye.
It’s a few tricks to the brain.
Neville Brody

Hello trio is a design and product studio based in Berlin. They put psychology at the core of both their design thinking and design process.
There is no design without humans, from the brain of the creator to the brain of the user. By understanding psychology both the designer and audience benefits.

Whether understanding visual perception and colour psychology to create a beautiful graphic, or learning about the intricacies of human behaviours, motivation, emotion and engagement to design your app's interface - Form for Thought is for you.

Form for Thought was started by Designer and small time Coder Lauren Kelly. After graduating with a BSc in Psychology from the University of Sheffield, all the insights I learnt, I now want to share with the design community.

Want to contribute?

  • Have you recently worked on a design project that used psychology?
  • Want to share how you use psychology in your work?
  • Have an insight into something we haven't covered?
  • Want to suggest a new topic or idea?

I'd love to hear all about it and share with my readers on Form for Thought. Email with any ideas or insights you have.

Form for thought - A blog about design psychology and design thinking for graphic designers, web designers, ui designers, ux and illustrators. Looking into the psychology of colour, user behaviour and advertising psychology.